TaylorMade provides an unprecedented statistical analysis experience, designed to help all golfers better understand, adapt and improve their game. Available for IOS, Android and Samsung’s Smartwatches and Smart Fitness Bands.

*myRoundPro for Samsung’s Smartwatches and Smart Fitness Bands is only compatible with the Android version of the phone app
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myRoundPro from TaylorMade analyzes golfers' statistics to provide detailed insights into the way they play. With advanced data like strokes gained, proximity to the hole, and other classic statistics such as fairways hit and greens in regulation, myRoundPro offers mobile golf shot analysis that has been carefully developed to help golfers adapt and improve.

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Gps e01400dc29be7ca194d27a8c9469bec19d31e46814453a9b7777c923b19a1cc5GPS Capability

GPS functionality allows you to view detailed yardages to any point on the hole, when using the phone, and provides distance to the front, middle and back of the green on Samsung's Smartwatches and Smart Fitness Bands.

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Track 752a8f3d694a3d956416182bdfe36e43e7984f4237c4e51e5926f7b9805b13d8Track Your Rounds

myRoundPro enables you to keep records of your scores, view detailed yardages and on the phone, you can also review your shots using a map on the course, and begin to identify areas for improvement.

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Stats1 84b7de8ed68efe69068fc7df68ad35c881c235fbcd8c013742562e5aaab18124GET IN-DEPTH STATS

myRoundPro analyzes your performance statistics, including strokes gained, proximity to the hole, golf club distance gaps, fairways hit, and greens in regulation.

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